The Handlebar

by Pioneers! O Pioneers!

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This recording comes from a cd release show we played with our friends Seagull Blue. It was a fantastic night at the Handlebar despite the usual lack of stage monitors to hear any vocals and the lack of grounding in the building, causing shock if you touch a microphone. We can't imagine calling anywhere else home in our small town.

For the first time we feel we've captured our set and our old songs as we had always envisioned them, especially now with our new lineup. We also offer a glimpse of our future with the release of this recording, handing over a few new ones.


released January 1, 2013

Jason Leger - drums
Ric Hohn - bass, aux percussion
Ben Rockwell - guitar, vocals
Michael Bishop - guitar, vocals

Captured with the wonderful help of Dave Sands



all rights reserved


Pioneers! O Pioneers! Pensacola, Florida

We're a 4 piece rock band making noises we hope you want to hear!

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Track Name: Good Love
Good love where have I found myself
Floating all these oceans away
In search of what I thought were the good shores you had made
I fell asleep, woke in a dream
Now I'm deciding between this life
And the waking world I was born for

I'm drowning in the faces around me
And the ideas of where we were to be
One breath into this life
And one breath it could leave
Are you asking am I waiting for the flames beneath
Are you asking am I waiting for the flames beneath my feet
Track Name: This Town Is a Ghost Town pt. II
The past knocks at my door
While outside shadows pass by
With the shapes of faces I once knew
If I could close my eyes
And wake up in my bed
Look my out my window and know this town isn't dead
This town isn't dead yet

Has time washed away who I am
Like oceans leaving the shore blank
Have I become trapped in the pictures on my wall
Aging with the fading colors

This town's a ghost town
Where our hopes once lived
We put our names in a bottle
And buried ourselves here
When the last street light went out
Distance took it's place between us
Without so much as a goodbye
We became shadows of this life

This town's not dead yet
Track Name: August pt. II
We were brothers in this life
You were the left hand
I was the right
Bus station early August
Summer brought the dreams we had dreamt
Youth stretched out before us
It's great arms taking us in
Separate roads begging to be traveled
Blazing nights traveling these white lines
Where are you now singing my friend

What siren songs did we sing all along
As the months turned to years
And the years to ashes

I stepped in the months like puddles to remind myself I could be drowning
Is this the sound of progression
Aging with ageless pictures, fading
Well my friends I'm trapped in those years
While the pages keep on turning
Like a book sitting at an empty window sill

"For the endless horizon it's gained a few buildings here and there
Someday we'll get out of this ghost town"
Track Name: In Legend
I may repeat myself
Line to line
Song to song
It may all be the same
We may all be the same

I find it hard with age to pick out your note from the page
And even in my sleep the grave is smiling back
Is it life or is it silence that waits for us on the other side

Through the darkness and back to dust
Is this the path we chose
Or is this your dream for us

Can you hear me now at your door
I asked before the floodgates had opened
If you'd reach your hands down
Well where are you now
Silence turns to static
Heaven glows in legend
Truth, my love, you're in question

The water once ankle deep
Now I'm up to my neck
Weight heavy on my chest
Track Name: Be Still
held a flame to the truth I had claimed
And found only ashes in the end
I dreamt of the rapture
And saw the chariot leaving me behind
I saw God taking his people for the new life

Be still

Face to face
Fate is a funny word
But what a claim to make when silence like dust gathers
Are you leaving me behind

Be still

I want not of crooked intent
Or the grave below
Somewhere between the stars sleeping
Are you dreaming of this life I keep waking to

Be still this restless heart of mine
Outside the gates
No apparent doorway
Be still
Track Name: Between Two Mirrors
I can't feel the words I sing anymore
How I wonder what it's like for you
Only this confession can bring redemption to the souls of my words
"We walked the same roads shoulder to shoulder"
We bled the same dreams
Yet you're hiding between every emotion unseen just to push that grit through your teeth
The waves have betrayed us
Have we the fate of sunken cities resting beneath the waves

I saw your ghost again
Trapped between two mirrors
Endlessly reflecting the image of what we were
Have our pictures been laid to rest
In the memories of people we don't know anymore

And the evil I've become, is it such a stretch from what I was

I know your face but I don't know your name
I've never known such a wrath as this life
Twisting and turning and back and forth
Have we tied anchors to our legs
Are we drowning

It's been a long goodbye
These sails have set a course you may never follow